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Lisa goes to a lot of effort to make sure your read on health is as interesting and as enjoyable as possible. Over the years she has firmly established a reputation for being straight-up, informative, and entertaining — people appreciate her take on things, her way with words, and her humour.

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Snippets of the interesting, unexpected and entertaining side of wellness

I’ve created this new section for two reasons:

  1. To get ’stuff’ out to you much quicker, and
  2. So, I don’t overwhelm myself thinking I have to write my epic articles when I’m super busy working with my clients at OOMPH.

I’d say it’s win-win situation for all concerned! 🏆🏆


Are you at a loss to explain your failed weight loss?

Lifestyle advice Specific health conditions

Generally speaking, it shouldn’t be difficult to help my client achieve their weight loss goals.

If the overweight client I’m working with purely has physical issues, then weight loss is a cinch! With these people, the only problem is keeping it off.

However, if the overweight client I’m working with has significant emotional issues, then I can’t – or rather I won’t – address their diet until we’ve got them feeling better.


Iodine – the medical scapegoat

Mineral Therapies

I wrote this article because I am so sad — and sickened — that modern medicine continues to treat (orally consumed) iodine as an unfounded scapegoat.

Over the years I’ve seen doctors, and specialists, blame this mineral for causing cases of Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism.

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Lisa Fitzgibbon is a degree qualified (2006), experienced and registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist. She runs her own private practice – OOMPH in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.

Lisa has been involved in the Natural Health industry for 16 years. She draws on her professional training and experience, as well as her own personal experience to bring you realistic, holistic health advice.

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