When weight loss
goes bad


It's not what you know...it's how you feel.

This snippet is further to my article on: Are you at a loss to explain your failed weight loss?

Sometimes with my clients I only realise they have an emotional issue once their weight is actually lost, and the goalposts have now been moved.

They may have only had a few kilograms to lose so it’s not taken them that long to achieve their weight-loss goal — only a few weeks to a few months.

The problem (I feel) is that they put so much hope or expectation into feeling like a different person once the weight comes off, that this new person will be capable of achieving so much more in life. But when they reach their goal, and they don’t feel this way it actually makes them feel worse!  So, unfortunately, they regress, and go back to their ‘old ways’. Because at least this way they can eat and drink whatever they want and not feel ‘starved’ or ‘deprived’ or ‘hard done to’.

In this situation, I strongly recommend they seek the guidance of a Psychotherapist, or even a Life Coach. This way they can actually process ‘this loss’ and develop some coping mechanisms to help them not only achieve a healthy sustainable weight, but to also enable them to achieve further health and life goals in the future.

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