Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon suffers from depression without the use of natural treatments


Lisa has a lot to say for herself about health.

She found that she couldn’t fully cover-off everything she wanted to in her appointments, so she created this website to refer her clients to for further information on various topics.

Lisa also found that people were incredibly confused by the overwhelming amount of (often conflicting) information available out-there. And instead of listening to their own body, they are listening to everybody. This was creating a lot of stress in these people, who were becoming obsessed with their health, or rather the lack thereof.

Naturopath, Lisa Fitzgibbon under a Karen Walker Umbrella wearing oversized sunglasses

Are you creating an unhealthy balance in your life? Lisa says –

  • You don’t need to become neurotic about what you eat and drink, how much you exercise, or how much you GOOGLE…
  • You don’t need to become obsessed with your health.
  • You don’t need to consume a bunch of exotic superfoods
  • You don’t need to strictly follow any particular diet
  • You don’t need to make or bake fancy chef-style goodies
  • You don’t need to pledge allegiance to any specific (intense) fitness modality or regime

But what you DO need to do is simply develop a healthy interest, and a healthy balance in your diet, and in your life! Health is all about happy mediums (where required Lisa encourages people to dial it up, or tone it down). Extreme ‘anything’ is not good for you. To be well you need to practice moderation in all things (diet, exercise, and lifestyle).

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Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon sat backwards on her office chair at OOMPH

It shouldn’t be difficult to achieve health and wellness. Lisa says –

For the most part:

Eat a whole-food diet that is predominantly fresh, varied, and seasonal
Make sure you eat it mindfully

Drink filtered water
Approx. 30ml of water per kg of your body weight

Minimise your anti-nutrients
Sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarette smoking, recreational drugs, and medication

Exercise 3—5x weekly
Mild to moderate intensity

Get good sleep, and have good sex

Be positive, have fun, laugh, and relax with positive people

Believe and have faith in something bigger than yourself

If you need help or support to achieve these basic health principles, Lisa says –

Firstly, seek guidance. Find a reputable, experienced health professional via an informational source that makes good sense to you. Go to see this person for specific advice, or read what they suggest you do for general health. Incorporate their theories into your lifestyle for a period of time.

(Make an appointment to see Lisa for specific advice, or read LISA SAID SO for general advice.)

Primarily, follow internal guidance
Listen to your body. It is the only real expert on you.

It has the final say.

Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon suffers from Depression without the use of natural therapies

Lisa Fitzgibbon is a qualified (2006), experienced and registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist (with NMHNZ.)

Lisa has been involved in the Natural Health industry since 2004, and has been working as a full-time Naturopath since she graduated in 2007.

Lisa started this website to help others after she had gained a good five years working in her career.

She draws on her professional training and experience, as well as her own personal experience to bring you realistic, holistic health advice.

Lisa has the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Health Sciences — Complementary Medicine (Charles Sturt University in Australia)

Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy (South Pacific College of Natural Medicine in New Zealand)

Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine (South Pacific College of Natural Medicine in New Zealand)

Note: Lisa’s first career was in Advertising – where she worked as a ‘suit’. She has a (three-year) Diploma in Advertising from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon suffers from depression without the use of natural treatments