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Ceres Organics

The leader of the pack

Ceres Organics is named after the Roman goddess of harvest.

And while their branding sounds a bit girly, believe me, this company are anything but. These guys are actually an elite pack of modern day Hunters & Gatherers. They provide us with sustainably sourced, high quality ‘eatings’.

The fine folk at Ceres Organics have been promoting  ‘clean eating’, ‘nutrient dense food’, and ‘real food’ long before it become sexy to do so. In fact, Ceres Organics were promoting their organic agenda at a time when the majority of us would have thought that they were a bunch of raving crack-pots. (Ceres began their crusade some 30 years ago.)

Back then, the rest of us were oblivious. We weren’t even aware that our food had become ‘inorganic’. We were just content to swallow what we were being fed — because it was tasty, convenient, filling, affordable, and there was lots of it! So, when Ceres Organics challenged the ‘revolution of agriculture’ and the ‘great industrialisation’ of our food supply, we would have just thought that they were ‘crying wolf’.

As it turns out, Ceres Organics weren’t crying wolf at all, they were single-handedly protecting our precious food supply from being sprayed with synthetic chemicals, from being over-processed, and from having things added to it (as in — additives!)

Ceres Organics now sit proudly (and honourably) at the top of the food chain.

All hail, Ceres Organics — the modern day food god.

It's always the way...

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Now, if I may...

Before we go any further, let’s get something straight — Ceres is pronounced ‘Series’. It isn’t pronounced ‘Sears’ — as in the American chain of department stores. Nor is it pronounced ‘Sa-res’ — as in some fancy-schmancy food establishment. Ceres Organics is a food distribution company that offer us carefully curated organic grocery and bulk ingredients.

I used to work at Ceres Wholefoods (their retail store) for three years when I first qualified as a Naturopath + Medical Herbalist — so I should know; I answered the phone… a lot 😉

10 reasons to go 'organic'

It is super food

There are no artificial substances and there are more nutrients.

It tastes better

It is grown in accordance with nature’s cycles and it is allowed to ripen naturally.

It makes better sense logistically

Buying out-of-season is expensive. It’s not fresh or tasty and it increases our carbon footprint.

It’s kinder

Organic livestock practices are more humane.

It reduces antibiotic resistance

The World Health Organisation cites the inappropriate use of antibiotics in animal husbandry as being a leading cause of the emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of microbes.

It keeps everything in balance

When the environment is in balance (the soil, water and air), the food it produces has a better balance of nutrients.

It keeps things interesting

Most conventional food is hybridised in order to produce large, attractive specimens. Many organic farms grow a range of different food and a mix of indigenous varieties.

Its more harmonious

Every species is dependent on the health of their ecosystem to survive. The application of chemicals by commercial farming is causing a significant decline in bee, butterfly, frog, and bird populations.

It’s reassuring

Although organic certification costs money, it gives us assurance that someone is keeping a watchful eye over the whole process.

Its the future

By promoting sustainability of the earth we are also promoting the sustainability of the people on it.

Ceres Organics in Mt Wellington Auckland they endorse wholefoods

Why Ceres Organics is tops in my book

Ceres Organics have a strong and guiding philosophy1 that underpins everything they do from their eco-friendly Mother Ship in Mt Wellington (Auckland, New Zealand).

Note: This location is not to be confused with their retail stores:
Ceres Wholefoods in Ellerslie (Auckland, New Zealand). This store opened in 1984, and was the first organic retailer in NZ. They also run Ceres Fresh Market in Ponsonby Central.

This company not only ensures the preservation of our health by providing us with top-notch food, but it strives to increase our social awareness by standing up for people and our environment.

And, as cheesy as this may sound, Ceres Organics denotes truth. They go about their business with integrity, and they display authenticity & transparency.

This company is a great example of how you can do good business and do good in the world!

Ceres Organics is that proverbial ‘shining beacon on the hill’.

  1. They are vehemently against Genetic Engineering

    It is the policy of Ceres Organics to be completely GE free.

    They are also working toward a GE free New Zealand. And, they are committed to keeping The Land of the Long White Cloud both clean and green.

    Note: They are a founding member of GE-FREE NZ, and provide financial support for their various advocacy and educational programmes.

  2. They are certified organic by legitimate, independent bodies.

    Independent accreditation gives consumers the assurance of the quality, food safety, integrity in sourcing and validity of a product’s claims.

    Note: Please see below for a list of some of these organisations.

    This accreditation means that if you decided to go and hang out with Ceres Organics for the day, they could tell you how each and every one of their products came to be — from ‘go to whoa’… from ‘farm to folk’… from ‘hand to mouth’. I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down here, right?

  3. Their Head Quarters has Green Star certification

    When they had their previous Head Quarters disassembled, they recycled, re-engineered and reused parts of their old premises and turned it into an entirely new building! Voila.

    Their Mother Ship is now fully energy efficient. Their new ‘green’ building contains awesome ‘gadgetry’ that enables them to harness the power of the rain + sun + wind.

    They also have a dedicated recycling area to minimise the amount of waste that end ups in landfill.

    Very inspirational indeed.

  4. They give that little bit extra.

    You would have thought that they’d done quite enough for us already. But, fortunately, that’s not how they see it!

    Ceres Organics also provides support to the following ventures:

    — GE-FREE NZ (as stated above.)

    — NZOA — which promotes the growth of organics for healthier Kiwis and a healthier environment.

    — The Auckland City Mission — helping to feed the needy.

    — The Peru Social Project — this project involves 2000 children and their families. Care is given to their environmental, social and economic wellbeing.

    — Sustainable Coastlines — which promotes the sustainability of the earth and the people on it.

    And! They’re always looking for new projects…
    Golly gee whizz, guys!

A selection of Ceres organics products featuring their organic certification

Lisa says:

I still say: forget all the gimmicky health foodstuffs and just focus on buying organic where you can

Shop for the health basics.

I advocate you buy local, seasonal and preferably organic varieties of ‘normal peoples’ food like meat, chicken, grain, veggies, fruit, and dairy — or whatever your version of ‘normal’ happens to be e.g. Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free, or Gluten-Free.

Not only can we get healthy this way, but together we can also bring down the price of organic food — making it more accessible for the masses. Good old supply + demand.

Note: You may even find that you don’t need to seek out extraneous additions to your dietary regimen if you simply focus on having a ‘good diet’.

If it's good enough for Ceres then it's good enough for me.

If there is one company you can trust it’s Ceres. These guys literally do your homework for you! Now, that’s what I call convenience shopping 😉

They are highly motivated to get it right,  because every time they do, they are rewarded with an independent certification. This organic ‘stamp of approval’ bodes well for all concerned as it provides consumers with reassurance. Because there is currently no regulation of the word ‘organic’ in New Zealand and Australia, the word ‘organic’ can be used on packaging and does not have to be verified.

So, the only way to be sure that something is truly organic is by checking for the following certifications:

Australian Certified Organic
Canada Organic Biologique
Control IMO
NASAA Certified Organic
Soil Association Organic Standard
USDA Organic

Ceres — thank goddess sake!

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