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These are a few of my favourite thingsBupleurum falcatum

This should be an 'it' herb

Thank god for Bupleurum

The females among you may have heard of (or even used) the following herbs for womanly woes: Black Cohosh, Chaste Tree, Dong Quai, White Peony & Wild Yam.
But have you ever heard of Bupleurum falcatum? No –  I didn’t think so.

‘Bups’ (as I affectionately refer to it) is a traditional chinese herb. For anyone that suffers from regular PMS (including husbands & partners) it is simply a god send!

Bupleurum is primarily used for oestrogen-dominant PMS

Do you suffer from a majority of the PMS issues below?
If so, ‘Bups’ may become your new ‘BFF’ to help you get through this trying period (sorry, yes, pun, intended)!

Nervousness, anxiety, irritability & mood swings

Abdominal bloating

diarrhoea and/or constipation

Sugar cravings
causing an increase in appetite

Uterine cramping
i.e. period pain

Breast tenderness and/or general Fluid retention

Headache and/or backache

Irregular menstruation

Check out my blog-post on female hormones for more information

Bupleurum is sanity in a bottle

Say 'ahhhh'

This herb will clear excess oestrogen from your body, and naturally increase your progesterone levels. It will also provide a number of other beneficial actions throughout your body:

it has a mild tranquilising effect

it increases cortisol levels
which enables the body to a) deal more effectively with stress, and b) provide anti-inflammatory action

it normalises bowel function

it supports liver function
by helping to metabolise hormones, improve digestion and promote bowel function

it pRevents your smooth muscle (Your uterus) from cramping

What does this all actually mean

Bupleurum will stop you feeling like a ‘crazy, psycho, mental b***h’. It will take away your pain, and help you to poo!

Bupleurum can also be used to treat other health disorders

Reactive Hypogylcemia

Chronic Inflammatory disorders

Muscle pain
Both smooth & skeletal muscle


Unproductive coughs

Talk to your Naturopath or Medical Herbalist to see if Bupleurum falcatum is right for you

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