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You, me, and iodine (Part-Two)

Iodine solution being dropped into a wine glass of water

So - where were we then?

In part-one of this blog-post, I explained that iodine therapy is a highly contentious area of health. There are health professionals that are for and against using this mineral as a supplement — particularly at higher doses.

I also told you how important it is to keep in contact with your health practitioner if you do decide that you want to try iodine therapy. (Or, in fact, when you’re following any treatment plan.) Getting you healthy requires team work!

In this blog-post I will explain to you, that under the care of a health professional, you should consider taking higher-doses of iodine as part of your treatment regime if:

I can confirm this for you at your appointment. I can test your thyroid function using a Thyroflex device.

And you’re finding that you’re still experiencing symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

Graves’ Disease or Hashimoto’s Disease.

It has been removed via surgery.

I’ll be discussing why when you get blood-checked for your thyroid function (during iodine therapy) your results may initially appear abnormal. And that the doctor will be concerned and want to medicate you, as to them this will indicate that your Thyroid is dysfunctional.

And finally, I’ll share some more testimonials from my fabulous clients with you!

Even if you haven't suspected a thyroid issue or an iodine deficiency...

If you suffer from any of the following health conditions or complaints, and nothing else seems to be significantly improving your symptoms, it may pay to consult a health practitioner to add supplemental iodine to your treatment regime:

Brain Fog
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or simply lethargy)
Cancer — primarily hormone-sensitive cancers (Thyroid, Breast, Ovarian, Endometrial or Prostate.)
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Fibromyalgia (or aching muscles)
Mood Swings
Recurrent infections (vaginal, bronchial, and UTIs)
Sore joints

It is what it is.

It makes good sense to me that our thyroid issues are due to insufficient iodine levels — not from having too much of this mineral.

In his book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It, Dr Brownstein reports that to function optimally, the thyroid gland requires a constant daily supply of 6mg of iodine & women’s breasts require 5mg of iodine daily. (And, that’s only what we know currently about the requirements of just two of the glands within the body.)

The current RDA is 150mcg. But, like most of the Recommended Daily Allowances, this figure was devised to prevent disease (goitre), and no more.

So, when we’re talking about ‘high dose’ iodine — is it actually high? Or, are we just talking about an optimal amount — for optimal health?

Taking higher doses of iodine, under the guidance of a health practitioner, doesn’t cause thyroid conditions. When you assess the diets of people with thyroid dysfunction, all of these people are literally starving in this mineral. (96% of the world population is low according to Dr G Abraham.) It makes sense to me that our thyroid issues are due to insufficient iodine levels — not from having too much of this mineral. And clearly, these thyroid issues occur before iodine therapy is commenced.

In our environment, you can only get iodine from the sea, and the majority of people are only eating seafood 1–2x weekly at most.

Note: Most of the time when people eat fish, they’re eating Salmon. These days, most Salmon is farmed, so it won’t contain appreciable amounts of iodine — if at all. This is because the Salmon is often grown in fresh water and isn’t fed their natural diet.

The thing is, we are in no way ingesting enough iodine in our diet to promote healthy thyroid function, let alone to upset our thyroid function.

Whenever I see indications that someone is deficient in iodine, I recommend we test for this mineral. (If, they are displaying poor thyroid function + they have symptoms of iodine deficiency + they are only eating seafood 0-2x weekly.)

Note: I wouldn’t recommend my clients do a time-consuming + expensive test unless I was confident that the test would come back showing a deficit in this mineral. And sometimes, for various reasons, I don’t recommend the test at all. If this is the case, and it is indicated, then I recommend a maximum of 6-12 mg of iodine. (And, monitor them closely.)

(Iodine) testimonials from my fabulous clients!

“The main benefits being better night’s rest, less headaches, improved concentration, better control of my weight and no more aching bones.”
—Pip Wilton

For me taking iodine regularly under the watchful eye of Lisa has had a great impact on  life. At Lisa’s referral, I started taking a low dose of iodine along with vitamin C a number of months ago, then increased after a period time.

This has provided only positive results, with the main benefits being better night’s rest, less headaches, improved concentration, better control of my weight and no more aching bones.

Additionally, I regularly had mammograms due to family history  and within a period of 12 months my breasts became full of cysts which were very painful at times due to their size .  The  specialist couldn’t explain how they had appeared within a short amount of time. Within four months of taking iodine, the breast cysts had gone.

Note: When Pip doesn’t take her iodine (for even a week) she misses it – she starts feeling tired again and her sleeping is restless.

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“It’s almost as if a switch flicked over a week and my health started to turn a corner — my life with Lugol's has never been better.”

There is nothing worse than being middle aged and feeling tired, cold, weight piling on, having muscle aches and pains, dry skin and brittle nails – all side effects from having hypothyroidism.

I was also catching colds, slowing down physically, I had contracted a super bug  and my IBS was causing me grief.

So I had a few consultations with Lisa — including some tests and it was decided that Iodine — Lugols to be exact would be a great option for me.

Once I started taking it — things began to change — I didn’t need layers of clothes (my hands weren’t always frozen), sleep was refreshing me, pains were disappearing, facial hairs stopped appearing and the best thing ever… my sight has improved — and I know this as my contact lenses prescription has reduced!

It’s almost as if a switch flicked over a week and my health started to turn a corner — my life with Lugol’s has never been better.

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“I can see glimpses of how I used to be and I am so excited at the prospect of having found the answer after many years and many different approaches.”
—Heike Pahl

(I have not changed any other aspect of my food or drink intake.)

Fourteen days with added iodine.

I saw Lisa to get my thyroid checked. According to her online questionnaire I was a prime candidate.

We did the Thyroflex test and I “failed” all 3 tests. She then recommended the Iodine deficiency test which came back severely deficient.

I started my Iodine regime on two drops (12 mg) per day, quickly going to 4 drops. I stayed on 4 drops for the first two weeks.

My observations so far:

My energy improved pretty much as soon as we went up to 4 drops. I have cleaned out drawers, finished projects, organised shoe shelves and a whole lot of little things around the house that have not been done for a long time.

My period was lighter and less noticeable, also fewer cravings the day before

I’m less sensitive and less defensive — this is more of a balanced feeling which is very nice (must be nicer to be around, too).

I am able to read in bed (like I used to) and not crash and burn on hitting the pillow.

I wake up more refreshed and ready to go.
The energy during the day is much more stable — I don’t feel like a nap anymore after lunch.

I’m sure there are more things going on, but this is what I have noticed so far. I am now working up to a higher Iodine intake (after receiving the test result) and cannot wait for my body to come back to my old normal. I can see glimpses of how I used to be and I am so excited at the prospect of having found the answer after many years and many different approaches.

Note:  I checked in with Heike just before this blog-post went out. (One month into her treatment.) Here’s what she had to say:  “I’m good… very steady solid energy. I’ve just come back from a school camp with 28 12-year-olds where we had to cook, clean and supervise for 5 days. I managed just to get on with it. Up at 6 and we didn’t really stop until 10 pm. Amazing. I did have a couple of daytime sleeps yesterday to catch up though, but I guess that is normal. In saying that, i normally would have my naps and then still be tired at 10 pm. Last night I then stayed up until 1 am reading, just because I could. so it is the little things. 

My weight has not changed, neither has my body shape. I really do hope that my metabolism will kick in soon, that would just top it all off. I’ve been on 8 drops for just over a week now.  

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What's it all mean?

The thyroid hormones, T3 and T4 are comprised of:
T3 = Tyrosine + 3 molecules of iodine, and
T4 = Tyrosine + 4 molecules of iodine.

Without sufficient iodine, you can’t make thyroid hormones.

T4 (Thyroxine)
Is the most abundant thyroid hormone.
It is however, a prohormone1 to T3.
(It is essentially inactive.)

T3 (Triiodothyronine)  
Is the most active hormone.
It’s approximately 3—4x more potent than T4.

Note: TSH stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This hormone is made in the pituitary gland. One of its actions is to tell the thyroid what to do.  However, just testing for TSH – without also testing for T4 + T3 – is a relatively crude way to diagnose thyroid function. TSH is a poor indicator of thyroid health as it doesn’t tell us what is happening inside the cell. Especially when the person’s symptoms are not taken into consideration. 

More (iodine) testimonials from my fabulous clients!

“My (ferritin) level has always been 7 ever since I was pregnant for the first time. I am really thrilled that I've achieved 21 in just 3 months. I would say that this time I've achieved something that I haven't managed to achieve in the last 10 years. It must be surely related to what I am doing with you!”
—Tamaana Ahuja

My GP asked me to go for another blood test when I requested him to give me a repeat prescription of Ferritin. The great news is — everything is looking really positive.

For a vegetarian like myself, what should be an ideal level of Ferritin I should aim for — now that I am at the lower range of normal 🙂

I would say that this time I’ve achieved something that I haven’t managed to achieve in the last 10 years. My level has always been 7 ever since I was pregnant for the first time. I am really thrilled that I’ve achieved 21 in just 3 months.

It must be surely related to what I am doing with you! (Iodine Therapy.)

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“Within a month she has sorted me out, with everything from mild depression to weight gain issues.”

How I wish I had met Lisa Fitzgibbon years ago. Within a month she has sorted me out, with everything from mild depression to weight gain issues.

Lisa is hugely knowledgeable, and has superb testing facilities at her disposal when necessary.  She has had both wonderful sympathy, and at the same time charming charisma, for dealing with my concerns. In the last few weeks, I feel like my happy, normal, calm self again. After her diagnosis and simple treatment with iodine and a couple of supplements only. Then, last week, on the first week of Lisa’s (easy!) diet plan, I lost 2.9 kg in 6 days.  I am 52 and only really need to lose 6 Kgs, so I was surprised how quickly it fell off.

Lisa is amazing, despite my being a little hesitant and “will a naturopath be able to help me” thoughts! My GP said I just needed to ensure I got a good nights sleep! In fact I had seriously low iodine levels, and other stuff.

I recommend Lisa so very highly, do go and see her!

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Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon takes Lugols high dose iodine solution every day.
Yes — I take Lugol's myself. I'm now on a maintenance dose of 12mg 3—5x weekly. (I don't take it on the days where I eat fresh seafood.)

Are you sure it's working? Testing. Testing. One Two. One Two.

I have many people come to see me at OOMPH who are on medication to support their Thyroid function. They haven’t come to see me for thyroid support but for other supposedly non-related health concerns.

However, once I assess their symptoms, I discover that they are still suffering from a Thyroid dysfunction. Their inability to lose weight, their dry skin, their constipation, and their mood disorders tells me that this person’s thyroid gland STILL isn’t working effectively!

Note: This is a difficult concept for some people to get their heads around, because they think that because they are ‘medicated’ for their thyroid, that they no longer have to worry about this gland.

It is possible to get their medication (and therefore their thyroid!) working better with the aid of supplementation.

Thyroid medication is a synthetic pre-active thyroid hormone (T4). To be of real use, this still needs to be converted to the active form of this hormone (T3). Unfortunately, there is a lot that can prevent this from occurring such as nutrient deficiencies (iodine, selenium, and zinc), amino acid deficiency (Tyrosine), stress or adrenal dysfunction,  sex hormone imbalance, and heavy metal toxicity.

Synthetic Thyroid Hormone

Levothyroxine (or Synthroid), also known as L-thyroxine, is a synthetic thyroid hormone that is chemically identical to thyroxine (T4), which is naturally secreted by the thyroid gland.

More (iodine) testimonials from my fabulous clients!

“I'm feeling so much better, thanks!”

I’m feeling so much better, thanks. My rash has cleared and my acne is getting better. I can almost feel my hormones rebalancing (is that a thing or am I imagining it? Lol!) I’ve also got more energy which is probably due to more sleep! And iodine 😉

Note: Rachel has Hashimoto’s Disease – and hasn’t required medication for this.

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“I'm healthier & more energetic than I've been in years.”

When Lisa recommended iodine supplementation after a test showed I was deficient, I wondered how much of a difference such a small thing could make. Turns out that difference is huge! After some tweaks suggested by Lisa, I’m healthier & more energetic than I’ve been in years — I’ve even been able to halve my iron supplementation with no change to my iron levels.

A couple of months after starting on iodine, I went through a stressful situation that would normally have flattened my immune system and resulted in bronchitis or strep throat — thanks to iodine, I sailed through virtually unaffected! I’m sold!

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“Lisa has been helping me having my energy back, to be able to work, feel more calm and with hope”

Lisa has been a great source of learning and always so quick and available to answer my ‘silly’ questions!… I’ve been jumping from doctor to doctor, doctor to naturopath, naturopath to therapist… for years! Finally, Lisa has been helping me having my energy back, to be able to work, feel more calm and with hope. Thanks Lisa!

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“All in all, am feeling pretty fabulous, actually I was thinking yesterday at about 3pm that the best thing I have done recently was come and see you!”
—Maria Somers

I’m feeling really good actually.  I never got the cold my daughter was trying to give me, which was a nice change! I would have got that a couple of months ago… 🙂

I’m sleeping really well and have great energy levels through the day, have been doing my usual 5:30am start to fit in a walk or gentle run, and am finding I’m coping really well, a couple of months  ago I’d have been getting really irritable and exhausted by day 3 (which is today due to the short week of course) but feel like I’m starting to actually get a bit fitter without feeling exhausted with it… I am finding I’m heading to bed at 9.30pm or 10pm and falling asleep quickly and staying asleep… had been waking and/or having trouble actually getting to sleep which was making the 5.30am starts even harder…

I’m not feeling the usual 3pm energy slump that was driving me to look for sweets and chocolate either, makes it easier to resist temptation if I’m not feeling like I need a sugar hit to make it to the end of the day – so my diet is naturally getting better, with a bit more focus now that I’m feeling better too to reduce my reliance on coffee, got rid of the sweets, just having a piece of fruit or some nuts for a snack etc, just generally cleaning it up a bit…

It’s been a gradual thing I guess and it’s not till I stop and think about it that I realise how much change is going on that it all starts to add up, I’ve really noticed the pick up in my energy levels this week.  was feeling calmer/less stressed already and that has continued as well which is great, amazing what feeling well can do to your state of mind.

Have also noticed my head is ‘clearer’ with less ‘fuzzy/clutter’ going in, have been able to work, do study and keep things at home ticking over with out feeling like I’m behind the 8 ball all the time.  Sometimes I really had to force myself to ‘focus’ and catchup so to speak, whereas this week I’m just feeling a bit clearer and more onto it…

All in all, am feeling pretty fabulous, actually was thinking yesterday at about 3pm that the best thing I have done recently was come and see you!… have passed your details onto a couple of the ladies here as well so you might get a phone call or email from them at some point…

Think that’s it… thanks for all the help so far… am hoping I continue on this path as at this rate I’ll be unstoppable lol 🙂

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Graves + Hashimotos are autoimmune illnesses where the thyroid gland is attacked by antibodies

There is a lot of medical literature out there + a great deal of people having their  ‘Two cents worth’ on the internet — about taking high doses of iodine. Some say you shouldn’t even have iodine in your diet — let alone supplement — when you have thyroid conditions. However, various experts are now saying that iodine deficiency is a major cause of these conditions.

Check out the blog-post I wrote on Iodine deficiency to learn why we’re not getting enough of this mineral in our diet. This blog-post also explains that in 2016 we are now exposed to numerous environmental toxins: Halides (chlorine, fluoride + bromide) and other Goitrogens (raw Kale + Spinach for instance). These substances interfere with the binding of iodine in the body. (They also exacerbate deficiency — because even when iodine is present it cannot be utilised by the body.)

While the RDA of 150mcg does help to prevent Goitre, like most RDA’s, they are designed to prevent basic disease.  They are not set to ensure optimal health.

I follow Dr Brownstein, an American M.D + iodine expert who follows the work of other prominent medical doctors who also specialise in Iodine Therapy. (Dr.s Guy. E. Abraham + Jorge. D. Flechas)

The theory for (high dose) iodine’s use in autoimmune thyroid disease is to control inflammation and swelling of the thyroid gland. You need ONE HUNDRED TIMES the RDA to create “special substances” in the body (δ-iodolactone and other iodinated lipids). These substances effectively act as the braking system in the thyroid2.  This braking system ensures that the thyroid is not damaged.

Note: It is very important to also use the mineral selenium alongside iodine in these cases. And also, to establish any food intolerances. In a lot of cases it is also prudent to provide adrenal support + various other supportive supplements. Every case of auto-immune thyroid dysfunction is slightly different, and thus will respond differently to core treatment protocol.

It makes sense that iodine deficiency is causing thyroid issues, rather than the other way around. As again, the vast majority of thyroid issues occur before iodine therapy is commenced.

More (iodine) testimonials from my fabulous clients!

“Thank you so much for your knowledge and suggestions, I really feel that maybe I'm turning a corner. And, I'm so grateful things are on the up!”

I’ve been feeling well lately. I am tolerating the iodine very well (still at 7 drops) and have been taking the selenium drops daily with no issues. I have been feeling pretty good, my energy levels are about the same although I have noticed that my digestion has been trucking along pretty nicely. I have consumed a few gluten treats (wedding cake tasting!) and seemed to bounce back ok without any real issues. My skin breakouts have improved out of sight (this could probably be a combo of the selenium and a different skin care range I’ve been trying out (don’t worry its animal friendly and paraben free!).

Anyway there’s my little update. Thank you so much for your knowledge and suggestions, I really feel that maybe I’m turning a corner. And, I’m so grateful things are on the up!

I’m assuming this is another effect of the iodine, I had my hair trimmed this morning and my hairdresser couldn’t get over how much thicker my hair felt, he said it’s back to what he remembers when I first started as a client 6 years ago 🙌

Thanks again for your perfect science based approach to my health troubles, as a nurse who can be skeptical of everything you’ve offered the perfect well researched natural approach which has worked for me more than anything my western medical colleagues have been able to offer me!

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“I am so excited to report that three weeks ago I noticed that stubborn weight that for years despite exercising like a crazy woman and following a very healthy diet have miraculously disappeared.”

I just wanted to thank you for prescribing these iodine drops to me. I was shocked to get such a low result in my thyroid test. And at first a little unsure whether the 3 drops a day were making any difference. I have been taking these drops daily for three months now and slowly under your guidance have increased the dosage to 7 drops.

I am so excited to report that three weeks ago I noticed that stubborn weight that for years despite exercising like a crazy woman and following a very healthy diet have miraculously disappeared. Almost overnight it seems. I had put it down to hormones given I am going through menopause. Not only that though but that brain fog that has been my constant companion has lifted. I can only put this down to the iodine.

You are an angel. Thank you so much for your guidance, emails and blogs. This really has been life changing for me.

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“Thank you so very much. I’ve felt for years no one can help me but I am building trust that you can as I see the progress I’m making.”
—Ingrid Edwards

My cognition is amazing now! I feel completely clear headed and can concentrate really well. A weird thing to say but I’ve been feeling more intelligent. I am making faster, clearer and better decisions in my business and getting things done that I haven’t been able to in years.

I now don’t feel like I’m floating and disconnected from my life.

Before I started on the iodine I had very regular spells of feeling so unwell. Strange head, a bit nauseated, or physical sensations that were very disturbing and those are not happening at the moment. This could be partly because my anxiety is almost very low and that is what used to give me those ‘spells’ of feeling so crook I think. I’m having just the odd flutter of anxiety here and there but very manageable. (I’m sticking to the magnesium at night and a Vit B after breakfast – as you recommended). So I’m really pleased to be mostly on top of that fuzzy head and anxiety.

Thank you so very much. I’ve felt for years no one can help me but I am building trust that you can as I see the progress I’m making.

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Just because you don't have a thyroid doesn't mean that you should go without

From my past blog-posts on this topic, you will now be aware that the Thyroid gland no longer has ‘dibs’ on Iodine. The whole body ‘wants a piece’ of this mineral.

Each and every one of our cells require iodine to function optimally. You cannot expect to have healthy hormone production or immune system function without sufficient levels of iodine in your body. You cannot hope to maintain a healthy weight or to improve your memory, mood + energy without this miraculous mineral.

Iodine increases cellular metabolism
It therefore increases energy, reduces muscle pain + joint stiffness, and combats headaches + migraines.

Iodine is an antiseptic
It therefore acts as an antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral, and anti parasitic.


T4 needs iodine to covert to T3
This is whether it’s your body’s own T4 or the synthetic variety you are prescribed by your doctor.

Your TSH levels rise with iodine therapy

Testing TSH levels (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) is the standard way to monitor thyroid function. It usually rises when there is hypothyroidism. However, it is not widely known that TSH also rises when you initially start on iodine therapy.

David Brownstein, M.D. explains:

TSH has another function besides stimulating thyroid hormone production.

It also helps stimulate the body’s production of the iodine transport molecules – the sodium-iodide symporter (NIS). 

Without adequate amounts of NIS, iodine would not be able to enter the cells and be utilised. An iodine-deficient patient’s body does not require a large amount of NIS since there is little iodine that needs to be transported into the cells. However, when this individual begins to supplement with iodine, the extra iodine now needs to be transported into the cells. One way the body will accomplish this is to increase the production of TSH to stimulate more NIS.

How long does TSH stay elevated?
l have found that TSH may remain elevated for up to 6 months before lowering to normal.

How high do TSH levels rise?
The normal TSH level ranges from 0.5-4.5mlU/L.  l have witnessed TSH levels elevated to 5-30mlU/L for a period of time sometimes up to six months-before falling back to the normal range. 

The TSH will decline back to the reference range after the thyroid gland is saturated with iodine. 

As long as your Thyroid hormones (T4 + T3) are within range — and you are feeling well physically — then a raised TSH level is of no concern.

Even more (iodine) testimonials from my fabulous clients!

“I generally feel so much better. I am very grateful to Lisa for being a pioneer in the area of Iodine Therapy.”
—Cindy Campbell

I visited Lisa from OOMPH  in late June of this year. I really was at the end of my tether, having been to my Doctor several times in the weeks before with a shocking case of thrush. (Something I had never had before.) My Doctor did loads of tests everything came back with no issues – and suggested that I needed a holiday!

Apart from the Thrush, I had other symptoms that included:

Fatigue — like I’ve never had before
I was just exhausted some days.  It was a real struggle getting out of bed in the morning.

Muscle and Joint Pain
As a sale rep I spent a lot of time driving so I put my shoulder and arm pain down to driving. And, by the evenings my arms are feeling heavy and very painful.

Depression and low mood
I’m usually a happy out going person, but I was really struggling with my intense feelings of doom and gloom.

Inability to concentrate and feeling mentally sluggish

I knew that something wasn’t right and that I needed to investigate further. I had googled Thyroid deficiencies and I could tick a lot of the boxes for having a Thyroid issue. I needed expert advice…Lisa from OOMPH to the rescue!

Lisa suggested the Thyroid test and explained the controversial nature around iodine therapy. I felt very informed and confident talking with Lisa. (The actual iodine-loading test is interesting, I suggest you plan a day when you can be at home.) Lisa started me on low dose of therapeutic iodine, keeping in touch with me to see how I was doing and slowing upping my dose.

Its been three months and things have definitely changed for me. The first thing I noticed was my sleep quality is 100x better. I’m sleeping right through the night, dreaming, it’s marvellous.

I have my spring back in my stride and my happy self is back. Friends are commenting about how good I look.

The aches in my arms and shoulders are much lessened.

I generally feel so much better.

I am very grateful to Lisa for being a pioneer in the area of Iodine Therapy.

Keep up the good work!

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“In seven months my blood test confirmed my thyroid was functioning normally and my toxic adenoma is no longer toxic.

I have been diagnosed with Hyperactive Thryoid for over 15years with a toxic adenoma. I was prescribed by the Doctors Carbimazole to suppress the overactive thyroid, but became underactive making it difficult to function in daily life.  Under the supervision of Lisa (OOMPH) I have been taking Lugol’s Iodine for seven months. I also decided to halve my prescribed medication (Carbimazole).

Before I started the Iodine Treatment I had a blood test with the Doctors as a basis of where I was at. Another blood test was done in three months and the results were my T3 & T4 was back to normal and my TSH was heading in the same direction.

In seven months my blood test confirmed my thyroid was functioning normally and my toxic adenoma is no longer toxic.

I am convinced this is only due to the iodine treatment I have been taking – as I have never in the 15 years had these results.

I can think and remember better, my anxieties have significantly reduced and I have sustained energy to get things done during the day.

Through my blood test results and in my own wellness, this is evidence that Iodine Treatment has worked for me.

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“I was told by the medical world that I shouldn’t take iodine as I didn’t have a thyroid — so I didn’t need it. I strongly disagree with them and I continue to take iodine. I am so thankful I came into contact with Lisa and she put me on the road of iodine!”
—Renée S

I started on Lugols in January this year.  I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer last August 2015 and had my Thyroid removed as well as three cancerous nodules.

In November I went into isolation for 10 days and took a radioactive iodine pill, a form of radiation which is used for treatment of Thyroid cancer. I had to go on a strict low iodine diet a month before I had this radiation and this was the first time I had really learnt about iodine.

I have done so much research since this time and I have now learnt how essential iodine is for our bodies and our cells. I am so thankful I came into contact with Lisa and she put me on the road of iodine!

I was told by the medical world that I shouldn’t take iodine as I didn’t have a thyroid so I didn’t need it. I strongly disagree with them and I continued to take iodine. I know because I’m on thyroxine I require iodine more so in my body and especially being a woman my breasts and ovaries need iodine.

There was no way I was going to stop iodine. I have been very ill in the last year since my Thyroid cancer but things are starting to get back on track for me now and there isn’t a day I will forget to take iodine as it is part of my daily regime.

I strongly believe I have always had thyroid problems, however doctors never picked this up through blood tests.

I have suffered from hair loss all my life.  Whenever I used to wash my hair or brush my hair so much hair would come out.  I just thought this was normal.  Since taking iodine my hair does not fall out anymore and I have so much new hair growth!  My hairdresser is always showing me all my new hair.  (It’s awesome not having clogged up plug holes too!)

I have also suffered terribly with constipation all my life.  I had so many tests done and the medical world could never find why I just couldn’t go!?

I can’t help but think all they needed to do was give me iodine because I go everyday now!  To go to the toilet before I started iodine I used to have to take herbal laxatives most of the time.  In my life I have been constipated twice for 6-7 weeks straight and not going once in this time! So I used to suffer severely with constipation.   Constipation is now a thing of the past!  Since starting iodine I now go everyday.

Iodine is one of my best friends and I look forward to seeing what else this amazing mineral can do for me and my health!

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They know what is expected and what they need to do.

All of these clients are doing really well on their iodine therapy. However, they are all aware that in the near future they will need to ‘pull back’ on their iodine supplementation — once they have replenished their stores.

They all know that they will be required to repeat their iodine-loading test within three months – twelve months of commencing their therapy. And, they all know that they can check their thyroid function with me at any point, from 6 weeks into their iodine protocol (with my Thyroflex device).

Other than that, they are all under the instruction that they constantly monitor their health (as you should anyway) and keep me abreast of any changes. (Or to let me know if things don’t change.)

Note: A change in diet may affect the influence iodine has in your body. If for instance you reduce or eliminate your sugar, coffee, or alcohol intake, you may suddenly find that you no longer require such high doses of iodine.

Lisa says:

Don't want to take iodine supplementation?

Then you have to commit to eating adequate amounts of seafood daily. (Fresh is best.)

Note: Many of us can’t afford to do this, and would quickly get ‘sick’ of it anyway! (And, many people are Vegetarian or Vegan.)

You’ll also need to minimise the amount of chlorine + fluoride that you are coming into contact with e.g only drink filtered water, only swim in the sea (not chlorinated swimming pools), and significantly  reduce your dairy products + processed baked goods intake + avoid anything that has been fumigated…

You’ll also want to avoid eating the brassica family raw (Kale, Cabbage, Rocket) as well as raw spinach. And, avoid soy + soy products (tofu, tempeh, soy milk etc), strawberries, apples, peaches, pears, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, maca powder, sweet potato, and millet…

Good luck with all that!

As far as I'm concerned the benefits of taking higher doses of iodine, under the supervision of an experienced practitioner, far outweighs the... scare mongering.

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