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Living Nature

Bottle bashing, grass angels & dog dribble

Do you remember when Living Nature came in clunky-cool, milky glass bottles that were impossible to bang the dregs out of?

Do you also recall that some of their products made you smell like you’d either been rolling around naked on the lawn, or coated in the saliva of a large, overly-friendly dog?

Those were the days…

Back then, Living Nature was all the rage amongst the health conscious, the ethically minded and the environmentally aware. Back then, we were staunch supporters of this — ‘first of its kind in New Zealand’ — sophisticated line of natural beauty products.

Note: Living Nature was founded in 1987. It was one of the world’s first companies to produce skin care products without the use of synthetic preservatives!

Loving Living Nature

Living Nature has always held a special place with me. And by that, I mean its always been either on my dressing table or in my bathroom cabinet.

I initially became loyal to this brand as it adheres to my personal values. Now, that I’m a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, it also meets my professional requirements.

Check out how I evaluate beauty products (in the first ever article I wrote — some 18 months ago!): How I choose beauty products

Over the years, Living Nature have continued to impress me. They’ve tweaked their already brilliant lineup of products by addressing their ‘packaging & pong’ problems! (For the smell issue, they brought in a French Perfumer who only uses 100% essential oils.)

Unfortunately, over those same years, I’ve found that people aren’t as diehard as they used to be? And, this irks me somewhat. Where’s the love gone? Especially considering that this brand doesn’t make you smell like you need a ‘good wash’ anymore!

The world approves of Living Nature

Living Nature meets the highest standards around the world.

They are certified natural by the BDIH in Germany.

They are tested for safety by STRUK in England.

They are tested for efficacy by Abich in Italy.

They are recognised as Premium Bodycare in the USA
(by the largest retailer of natural skincare — Whole Foods)

A variety of Living Nature beauty products are displayed without their boxes

I don’t think people understand the gravity of this brand?

On first inspection, I’ll admit that Living Nature doesn’t have the same level of sexy-looking packaging as a lot of the other brands. However, there’s more to this packaging than meets the eye! Not only is their packaging 100% recyclable — it’s also pretty clever! By this, I mean the product comes out of the bottom of the packaging. This ‘gravity fed’, Kiwi ingenuity ensures minimal exposure to both air and fingers which minimises oxidisation and gooey germs!  This upgraded packaging has also put paid to ‘bottle bashing’ — you can now easily get access to the very last smidgeon.

Note: The ink, paper, and card they use are dioxin and chlorine-free.

What happens in New Zealand stays in New Zealand

Living Nature formulate and produce over 100 products at their Kerikeri site, using a variety of our unique NZ native flora.

This brand is excloosive, darlings! Over 80% of New Zealand’s plants are found nowhere else in the world.

  1. Manuka Honey

    This is the key ingredient throughout Living Nature’s product-line.

    This particular honey is hydrating, nourishing, healing, rejuvenating, and protecting.

  2. Manuka Oil

    This oil has healing properties (it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal)

  3. Harakeke

    This flax gel is both hydrating and healing.

    Note: This substance forms the base of my ‘most favourite’ toners in the world: Living Nature’s Hydrating Toning Gel, and their Extra Hydrating gel. They are just sensational — you don’t feel the need to apply moisturiser after applying either of these products.

  4. Totarol

    This substance is derived from the mighty Totara Tree and provides anti-oxidant activity (it’s healing and  anti-aging)

  5. Kumerahou 

    This stuff is super cool! It has the ability to lather up by just rubbing the flowers and leaves together in water.

    It’s the soap that the world uses!

  6. Halloysite Clay

    This clay absorbs toxins from your skin and gently exfoliates it.  It therefore purifies and refines.

    Note: Use their Deep Cleansing (clay) mask prior to a hydrating or nourishing mask to prepare for and enhance its effect.

  7. Kelp

    This South Pacific ‘weed of the sea’ is a rich form of nutrients. Its job is to nourish and nurture.

You guys rock my world!

A very special shout-out to SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation).

This NZ animal advocacy organisation works tirelessly, on behalf of all of us, to ensure a better quality of life for all creatures great & small.

SAFE was established in 1932, which alongside Living Nature, makes them a world leader in what they do. Companies and organisations like this help make this world a better place to cling on to!

Lisa says:

You don't have to scrap the current brand you're using

If you’re used to using natural beauty products, and you’re not already using Living Nature, you can simply start introducing their products as your other brand/s runs out.  You don’t need to completely scrap what you are currently using to invest in Living Nature’s whole product-line.

We live in a harsh reality

We know we have a significantly depleted ozone layer covering our tiny piece of paradise, here in NZ. However, luckily for us, the clever plants produce a variety of bioactive molecules to protect themselves in our unique environment.

People living in NZ should definitely consider using this brand to ‘arm themselves’ against this harsh reality. Living Nature products help to purify, repair, and nourish endangered Kiwis.

There’s really no reason not to adore New Zealand's very own, Living Nature!

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