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Protein Pasta

Different varietals of protein pasta are displayed on a table

Hi Protein Pasta!

I’m not a big fan of pasta. I can think of far better things to eat, to nourish, and to fill me up, than a plateful of flavoured, congealed ‘homemade glue’ (flour + water)!

However, since finding a type of pasta that is high in protein (and fibre), I now eat it twice a week. Explore Asiancreate a number of different spaghettis using just beans + water!  There are four 50 gram servings per 200 gram bag, and each serve contains between 18—22.5 grams of protein (depending on which variety you choose). That’s all the protein you need for a meal2. You don’t need to add meat, chicken, fish, or cheese.  All you need to do is add fresh saucey veggie action!

Note: the carb content of this pasta is inversely proportional to the protein content.

They have four different ORGANIC spaghettis:
1— Soybean
2— Edamame (green soybean)
3— Black Bean
4— Adzuki Bean

(They also make an Edamame + Mung Bean Fettuccini.)

All of their pastas are certified:
— Organic (USDA Organic)
— Vegan
— Gluten-free (obviously)
— Non-GMO, and
— Kosher (even!)

And the taste + texture of this pasta? Both — totally fine. My partner and I like it. But, like ‘ordinary’ pasta, who would really know — it’s all about the tasty sauce!

Get this ‘sketti’ from your local health food store.

Note: I believe that some supermarkets may have even started stocking them.

This Pasta is Pukka!

Here’s why I recommend this pasta to people:

  1. It provides another source of protein in your diet

    This protein pasta makes an excellent addition to the limited diets of Vegans + Vegetarians.

  2. It reduces your need to rely on animal products for your protein requirements

    You can have this protein pasta a couple of times per week to easily add some vegetarian/vegan meals into your diet.

  3. It's not difficult

    I’m not much of a cook or much into cooking. Therefore, I’m put off by ‘beany’ dishes as prepping the beans seems like too much hard work.

    However, I love the idea of getting beans and protein into my diet this way. It’s just a matter of boiling up your pasta like usual, and making a hot tomato sauce to slather it in — using things like tomatos, tamari, olive oil, onion, garlic, and herbs + spices.

    Note: Or make a Pesto sauce, or buy a pre-made variety from your local health store.

    If you find that between the sauce, and the carbs already contained in the pasta, that you need more ‘energy’ — just add more veggies such as ‘shrooms’ + ‘courgies’!

    Note: Make no mistake ‘Bean Pasta’ CAN still give you the ‘toots'(flatulence). Try all the different varieties to see if any of them sit better with you than others. 

Having enough (but not too much) protein in your diet is essential for life. Not only are you made of protein, but it’s used in many of your body’s internal processes.

Having adequate protein in your diet ensures you feel satiated. It also provides you with balanced energy levels, and an even mood throughout the day.

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