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of health

Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon feeling healthy reading a novel outside OOMPH

You should expect to feel healthy.
But, when you do feel healthy — expect to feel nothing!

Hmm. I really don’t know what some people are expecting when they tell me that they want to ‘feel healthy’?

They know what it’s like to feel unhealthy — because when this happens they feel tired & sluggish, moody (livid), foggy-brained, stressed-out, under the weather, and/or they may experience digestion complaints such as burping, farting, constipation or loose stools.

Note: Some people are so used to having these symptoms that they think they are ‘the norm’.

So, people are very surprised to hear that when they regain their health, that they won’t really feel, or notice anything much at all!

And, that they certainly won’t be:

faster than a speeding bullet

more powerful than a locomotive

or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

In fact, people may just experience memory loss as a result of becoming healthy

In my practice, I’ve found that when some people return to health, they develop a certain type of ‘amnesia’. With this type of amnesia they can’t seem to remember what their health complaint even was, let alone why they’re at the Naturopath’s again?

This is why I like to remind people at their follow-up appointment about the symptoms they were having — and just how bad they were! Otherwise they seem to forget what we worked together to achieve, and we don’t want that happening now, do we? 🙂

More importantly, I need to make sure that they don’t forget to keep following the health advice we agreed upon — and then wonder why their symptoms ‘suddenly’ return…

Take it away, Bill Connolly!

This video is for all you young Whipper Snappers — who aren’t familiar with Supergran.

Note: If you are one of my contemporaries, and are therefore more than au fait with the ‘superest’ of the grans – may I suggest that you don’t play this video? You will not be able to get this theme track out of your head! (It’s been days for me…Days, I tell you. Make.It.Stop.)

When you're healthy...

All those health conditions and symptoms that combine to making you feel unhealthy are all completely forgotten about because you’re just not feeling them anymore.
For example no-one notices or thinks about their digestion (for example), unless it’s not functioning properly. Therefore, when you ‘feel healthy’:

You won’t notice that you haven’t got the energy to get through the day.
You won’t notice that you had a bad sleep.
You won’t notice that you have bad skin.
You won’t notice that you’re a crabby cow.
You won’t notice that you’re feeling achy & sore.
You won’t notice that you can’t lose weight.
You won’t notice that you haven’t been for a poo for three days.
You won’t notice that you have done nothing but poo for three days.

And you won’t notice that you don’t notice.
When you feel healthy you don’t really give your health much thought at all.

In all actuality, it is more likely that other people will remind you that you’re no longer complaining about a particular ailment.

Note: That’s why it’s important to see your Naturopath at least every 3-6 months, so we can both ensure that you continue to stay oblivious to all of this 😉

For your health's sake, it pays to moderate your expectations

  1. You shouldn't expect ill health to be 'the norm'.

    It is not ‘normal’ to persistently experience health issues like PMS, low mood, aches + pain, poor energy, poor sleep and/or digestive complaints.

    Do not put up with these things. These health issues are symptoms  — not givens!  They are not a fact-of-life, nor are they just ‘how you are’.

  2. Don't expect to stay feeling great forever

    If you have been experiencing an intense or a long-term health complaint, when this eventually subsides — and your good health returns — you can initially feel slightly euphoric — or ‘high’.

    This is simply the difference between how bad you were feeling in comparison to what you are now feeling. Unfortunately, this feeling will subside too, once you get ‘used to it’ and your body readjusts to its new normal. (This can regulate within hours to a few days.)

    Note: It is important to feel grateful when you’re not experiencing any symptoms of ill health – your health is your wealth.

  3. Your health is an individual thing — that's why you shouldn't expect to keep up with the Health Jones's

    Have realistic expectations: I don’t sell magic beans at OOMPH 😉
    It takes time to turn your health around (and some people just take longer than others).

    Note: To get consistent results you need to take your remedy or remedies consistently.

    It’s important that you let me know if you experience any ill-effect from following any part of my treatment plan, or if you find you’re not benefitting that much from it. In this event we can make adjustments to your programme, based on how you reacted to these recommendations. This is how we create a unique treatment plan for you.

    Note: To me, it makes more sense to go back to your prescribing practitioner than it does to go to an entirely new practitioner and explain everything again. 

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