33—Why be ‘good-for-nothing’

The Adult Treat System


Have you done enough for a Mallowpuff?

I guess that depends entirely on what your idea of ‘doing enough’ is. There seem to be a lot of people out there with some pretty low expectations of themselves…

It worries me, not only from what I’ve heard, but from what I’ve witnessed at the supermarket. It’s as if a bunch of ‘big kids’ have been let loose to shop with no restraint!

Trick or Treat?

Do you really think you deserve that ‘thing’ you’re about to treat yourself  to — again — today? Yes, I’m sure you have a bunch of very good excuses why you deserve to have more of what you desire. But unfortunately, you’re just tricking yourself!

Anything that you have on  a consistent basis, day in and day out, will soon lose its value to you. It won’t taste as sweet, and it won’t give you that same buzz the way it first did. It won’t be special, and it definitely won’t make you feel special. Basically, you grow accustomed to it and it no longer holds the same meaning that it once did.  You now take it for granted, and expect to get it regardless of the effort you put in. My suggestion to you — less is definitely more.

Things taste sweeter if you have to work for them, or you are made to wait for them. (And when you finally have some, you only have a small serving.)

To this end, I recommend the ‘Adult Treat System’ (please see further below for details).

This article is about an Adult Treat System.
This article is about an Adult Treat System.

Fair 'TREAT'-ment

Did we learn nothing at all from our parents? Most of us lived under their rule for our most impressionable years. Weren’t we all pretty much force-fed the same parental guidelines on how the ‘Treat System’ worked1?

Our parents would say things like:

“Have you eaten all your dinner/vegetables?”

“You can have some — but you have to share.”

“That’s all you’re getting —  you’ll have to save them.”

“You’ve had enough — so no, you can’t have any more.”

And… let’s not forgot the quintessential: “Have you been good?”

To give a special food or drink to your child was to reinforce the child’s consistently good behavior. Our parents knew however, that if they handed out treats on a too-regular basis, that they would fast lose their value to us.

We would not continue to grow, strive, and thrive if we were rewarded regardless of our behavior.

I don’t want you encouraging that inner child any more

There is a very good reason why kids aren’t in charge of food-purchasing decisions. They are only interested in instant gratification, and don’t understand about the long-term consequences of their actions.

As adults, we should know that we are accountable for our actions, and we should have enough nouse to know that:2

The things we really enjoy in the short term usually result in negative long term effects
alcohol, coffee, sugar, cigarette smoking, recreational drugs, going out/partying

The things we may not really enjoy in the short term usually result in positive long term effects
eating & drinking healthily, exercising, going to bed early

This article is about an Adult Treat System.
This article is about an Adult Treat System.

The Adult Treat System

This system is not only designed to ensure that you are well-behaved for the majority of the week, but it’s also designed to ensure you don’t become a health martyr.  Life was meant to be enjoyed. You enjoy life more when you are feeling healthy, but also when you aren’t feeling deprived!

With this in mind, go ahead and treat yourself — well!3

Note: Throughout the week, you’re ‘supposed’ to consume, approximately 21 healthy meals + 14 healthy snacks + 14 litres of filtered water. Therefore, please keep this in perspective when giving consideration to my relatively liberal treat system.

  1. Alcohol

    Allow 1–2 standard drinks of alcohol 1–2x on the weekend4

    Note: have a bonus ‘allowance’, for special occasions only.

  2. Takeaways

    Allow 1x takeaway dinner weekly

    Note: deep-fried foods are not recommended to be had on a weekly basis. If you must indulge, then please consider only having these 1x per month.

  3. A 'bought' lunch

    Allow 1x bought lunch weekly

    Note: preparing your own lunch not only satisfies your hunger requirements, but it also gives you control over your portion sizes, your physical AND financial health.

  4. Coffee

    Allow 2–3x cups weekly

    Note: use these cups when you actually require them, and you’ll find the caffeine actually works as expected! Also note, that if your choice of coffee is Mocha, then this also doubles as a sweet treat.

  5. Sweets for my Sweet

    Have a sweet treat of your choice 1x per week

    Note: This is not a license to go ‘nuts’. A single serving is all that is required to satisfy.

If you are unsure of what constituents a healthy diet, or if you wish to discuss my ‘Adult Treat System’ further, please feel free to book a consult with me (either in person, or via ZOOM if you do not live in the Auckland region).

To contact me: [email protected]

This, you definitely deserve

You owe it to your inner child to start setting some strict guidelines and boundaries. By essentially parenting yourself, you will start to appreciate things all the more…

As well as this, you’ll especially appreciate that fact that you won’t end up looking like a giant Mallowpuff!5

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