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Violet Femmes (Iodine)

High dose iodine...
There's no smoke here, folks — only vapours!

Iodine is the Greek word for: VIOLET OR PURPLE
(due to the color of elemental iodine vapour)

In my practice I encourage my female clients to consider their iodine status. (For among other health issues — thyroid health, heavy periods, PMS & PCOS, uterine fibroids, ovarian pain & cysts, breast pain & cysts, and breast cancer prevention.)

As a consequence of this, I now have quite the band of ‘Violet Femmes’ — women taking high dose iodine for their health.

To find out how consuming adequate amounts of iodine can help you please read my previous blog-posts on the subject:

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The writing's on my wall

While I’m informing my clients about the controversy that surrounds Iodine Therapy, I often tell them that up until about three years ago, I too thought iodine was a mineral to be extremely wary of. My only basis for this was from reading a mere snippet of information in a Naturopathic text book (that I valued).  It said that iodine could ‘blow out your thyroid gland’. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to challenge this.

Essentially, I was ignorant on this particular subject. However, this didn’t stop me from refusing to recommend iodine in its supplemental form! And, no-one queried my position on it either — therefore I didn’t feel the need to look into it any further.

Note: I became interested in Iodine Therapy due to the work I was doing in correcting subclinical thyroid dysfunction. 

I’ve now worked in this area of health for a few years, and during this time I’ve slowly discovered that there are quite a few health professionals (and I’m not just talking about Doctors or Specialists) who continue to base their opinion about iodine supplementation on a mere WHIFF of information.

The point of this iodine blog-post? (Yes, another one!) The point is – I really don’t want you guys to get scared off trying this mineral — for no real reason.

I’d like to think that I’m not daft enough to keep working in this controversial area of health unless a good number of my clients were benefiting greatly from receiving these higher doses of iodine.

Note: You’ll see more testimonials from my clients below. I’ve selected a range of these, from relative newbies to seasoned vets – myself included 😉

Three woman hold each others hands sky-ward as they face the ocean

Alright, keep your shirt on!

I think it’s very telling that whenever I inform my clients that I’m going to be going out of town for any length of time, that it’s the repeat requests for iodine that come pouring in first…


I’ve come across a number of Naturopaths and Integrative Doctors, who don’t work with Iodine Therapy, but have some pretty strong opinions about it all-the-same. They are highly suspicious of this mineral and are wholly against its use.

Note: And unfortunately, due to this ‘attitude’, if anything goes ‘wrong'(anything at all), it’s always iodine that gets blamed for it. This mineral is an easy Scapegoat. And it really worries me that it can distract some practitioners from looking any further.

When I query these opinionated practitioners to better understand their reasoning behind their beliefs, unfortunately they generally just get defensive! However, because I’m inquisitive, I continue to press them. To which I always get this standard answer, “I’ve heard of someone (or know someone) who gave themselves Grave’s Disease or Hyperthyroidism from taking it”.

That’s the end of the conversation.

Because that’s all they’re willing to share with me.

And, you know why, don’t you? Because they don’t actually know any more information about the situation other than what they have reluctantly provided me.

The same goes for most Doctors or Pharmacists when they tell you that you shouldn’t be taking that “Lugol’s stuff”, because “it’s bad for your Thyroid”. Ever tried questioning them to see if they know any more than that? I’d be willing to bet the answer is no!

Note: Most people aren’t even aware of the importance of taking iodine, let alone taking it in any significant amount. Therefore where are these practitioners gaining their actual experience from? 

That's hardly scientific now, is it?

You can have an adverse reaction to anything (medication, supplements, herbal medicines or food). So, please don’t let one (possible) isolated incident stop you from experiencing this miraculous mineral.

Note: I always tread cautiously with iodine anyway, on the off-chance you do have a reaction.

There is always someone (or some people) that will physically overreact to something — that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t take it. And, we all have different amounts that we require. There is no one dose that suits all.

The practitioners above don’t actually know any details about what happened — it’s just hearsay. Therefore, I find it somewhat irresponsible of these health professionals to pass this information on. It’s basically just Chinese Whispers.

FYI: I’ve had a couple of open-minded Naturopaths come to me for Iodine Therapy. Bravo, girls. Bravo x And, to date, I know one has responded incredibly well to this therapy. And, will hopefully go on to recommend high dose iodine in her own practice.

With this blog-post I just want to reinforce to you that if you’ve been assessed and educated about this mineral by an experienced Naturopath (who regularly monitors you), then a ‘treatment trial’ creates minimal risk compared to the health benefits you may gain.

Note: Any adverse effects can be sorted by simply adjusting the dose, just as a Doctor would do with any prescription medication that you might use. 

Let’s get more of these ‘success stories’ out there!
If you’re someone who has benefited from taking this mineral, then I encourage you to provide some ‘writing on my wall’ below in an attempt to reassure others.

Or feel free to contact me directly at [email protected], and I can put your words up anonymously.

And, that's cool...

Please know, there are also practitioners who don’t prescribe (or promote) high dose iodine because they can’t decide on a definite approach to take, based on the current information available.

And, that’s cool if they want to take a more conservative approach.

I have just found, having now dealt with 100s of people on Iodine Therapy, that with most people, a conservative dose just wouldn’t ‘touch the sides’.

When pigs fly...
The price of porcine powder goes up!

Pharmacy Compounding New Zealand (PCNZ) announced on 5 June 2018 that there will be an immediate and substantial rise in the price of thyroid powder. This is used to prepare an alternative thyroid medication to the synthetic variety generally prescribed. (Whole Thyroid Hormone.)

The major global supplier of thyroid powder is seeing unprecedented demand levels (Thyroid dysfunction is on the rise) and are therefore unable to cope, forcing a sharp rise in price. Unfortunately, this supplier is the only major international producer of pharmaceutical grade material.

PCNZ therefore, will be urgently looking at finding longer term solutions.

Fortunately, I see Iodine Therapy as being a valid solution.

Note: Lugol’s wasn’t even regulated in NZ until about five years ago… And, therefore did not need a Pharmacist to prescribe it. The reason that it now is regulated, is probably due to the same reason that America regulated it in 2007: this substance may potentially be used in the illicit production of methamphetamine! 

One isolated test is not enough to go on.

The primary test used to assess Thyroid function (TSH) doesn’t even check your Thyroid function — it checks your Pituitary Gland function1.

Please see my blog-post on testing.

There are many reasons why your Thyroid (and Pituitary Gland) may be ‘playing up’ – and therefore why Thyroid dysfunction is on the rise. These include:
Chronic stress, Inflammation, Infection, Toxins, Medications, Certain dietary issues (coeliacs, low calorie diet, goitrogens, and nutrient deficiencies.)

All of these things need to be looked at in conjunction with how the person is actually feeling.

This is why good test results don’t necessarily mean you feel well.
And why bad test results don’t necessarily mean you’re ill.

Note: Please see my personal blood tests below and my holistic interpretation of these – based on my knowledge, experience and the way I’m physically feeling.

The following testimonials are from my Lugol's 'newbies'....

“I'm happy and my family are happy too!”
—Rachelle Turrell (Has taken Lugol's since mid May 2018)

For two years I’d suffered major fatigue with no energy to exercise other than walking. My body always ached and I had no strength whatsoever. My diet was primarily whole-food based and I always watched what I ate, but gained weight easily. My mood was constantly low and I could honestly say I never felt happiness or joy in anything anymore.

I’m so happy I was referred to Lisa, who immediately started me on iodine therapy for my thyroid and I’d say within 2 weeks, I was a different person. I felt ‘normal’ again and have now started back at the gym (just light exercise), but have the energy and my mojo back to train!

Such a simple solution to a long term chronic condition.
I’m happy and my family are happy too!

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“It's like a whole new person has emerged”
—Clare Lund (Has taken Lugol's since early March 2018)

I am so glad I jumped on the chance to give Lugols a go when Lisa discussed them with me!  I must admit, when I first started taking them I didn’t really notice any benefit from them but as I have learnt, good things take time.

Lisa increased my dose a month or so ago and wow!
For the first time in 7 years (since my first child was born) I don’t wake up in the morning wanting to cry because I feel so exhausted.  I can slowly feel my energy starting to return and it is fantastic, it’s like a whole new person has emerged! Also, my hair has been falling out like crazy recently, to the point where I was freaking out thinking I was going to go bald (hahaha). But I have noticed in the last few weeks this has reduced noticeably which I am loving!

I couldn’t recommend lovely Lisa and her Lugols high enough, take the chance and give it a go. Just remember patience is the key. Like the famous saying says, ‘it won’t happen over night but it will happen!’

Love your work Lisa x
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“This was my 'Hail Mary/Hallelujah' product.”
—Fiona (Has taken Lugol's since December 2017)

In my 30s I was the fittest, healthiest & happiest I have every been. 10yrs later it was a different story. I lost all motivation to train, felt sluggish, highly stressed, gained weight & had more injuries and health issues then you could think off. I knew something was wrong but no specialist or Naturopath could figure it out.

I changed my job and started working for a health and wellness company and through our Naturopath at the time started taking a concoction of vitamins hoping it would fix me. But to no avail.

One of my team suggested I go and see Lisa as I had nothing to lose.
After my first consultation Lisa suggested I have a Thyroflex test as she believed my thyroid was not functioning. Long story short my results were some of the worst Lisa had seen. At that point Lisa suggested I start taking Lugols. After reading about the product I decided (again) what have I got to lose.

I started using Lugols in December 2017 and found improvements immediately. Within a week of using Lugols I found I had more energy, I wasn’t as stressed, I felt balanced and found I wanted to get back into training. I hadn’t changed anything else apart from adding Lugols into my diet. This was my ‘Hail Mary/Hallelujah’ product.

Lugols has become a part of my everyday routine and the results have been amazing. I feel like I have found the old me again.

Thanks Lisa for your advice and direction through the last 6 months it has been life changing.

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“It does wonders!”
—Alexandra, a Pharmacist (Self prescribes Lugol's)

I admit I was cautious myself and couldn’t understand all that hype about it. Your (my!) clients were saying that they’re full of energy when on it and ready to die once they stop taking it and I was like “Yeah, right!”

Then I tried it…
The taste is revolting, but it does wonders.
I’m feeling great, thanks!

I put my 17 yo on Lugols and sent him the link to your ‘Lugols’ blog instead of explaining why he needs to take it 😊
He didn’t even complain much about the taste. He takes 3–4 drops a day and was the only one who solved a problem in their latest math test and not only solved, but managed to explain how he did it. Needless to say that he’s not a math person!

My husband also now takes 3 drops (hates it), but takes it nevertheless.

I’m one of your ‘people’ now too.

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These testimonials are from my 'Repeaties'...

“I really feel it was working well”
(Has had one bottle of Lugol's and is onto her next.)

I took a break from taking my iodine drops for a month or two because I was starting to feel a bit anxious but now my balance is off again and my energy is very very low.

I’ve noticed a real reversal of where I was getting to — having had that break — so I really feel it was working well. (That, as well as the other two supplements that you recommended alongside it to help with liver and so-forth).

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“I have seen great benefits and no longer feel great anxiety regarding my health ”
—Blaise (Has taken Lugol's since early September 2017)

High dose iodine has been really beneficial I think. (I’m never 100% sure lol, as I’m a classic Libran).

Certainly in conjunction with other supplements and ‘Divine Intervention’ (one of Lisa’s liquid herb formulas) I have seen great benefits and no longer feel great anxiety regarding my health as I have in the past, prior to seeing Lisa.  The past months working with Lisa I have been on a wonderful journey towards improving my health and connecting with myself.

Improving my thyroid functioning with iodine has slowly but surely resulted in improvements in my immunity, skin, and wellbeing.  I’m looking forward to seeing how iodine will continue to allow my body and mind to thrive.


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“The iodine that Lisa prescribed literally bought me back to life!”
—Sarah (Has taken Lugol's since the end of August 2017)

Iodine Therapy is the most radical thing I’ve ever done for my health. It has given me back years of my life.

I was fat, depressed and barely functioning and the iodine that Lisa prescribed literally bought me back to life!

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“I have my spark back”
—Averil (Has taken Lugol's since early March 2017)

Here is my latest Thyroid function — the Doctor had told me to stop taking the iodine, which I ignored (based on the work we’ve been doing together). And look! It’s now back to normal… whatever normal is!!!

You’ll see my other results are also much better — iron included!

You know what, this high dose iodine stuff rocks the party!

Thanks soo much — I feel so good — not just the results but generally too — I know that the high dose iodine, iron, the (specific) probiotic and selenium are really working for me

Yay x

PS: I am almost out of the magic stuff 😆 Could I please have some more? I have my spark back and my brain is much much clearer — so I ‘think’ that it is the iodine that is working its magic.

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“I feel like 'death warmed up' without my Lugol's”
—Lisa Fitzgibbon
(I've taken Lugol's since January 2016)

I’ve been taking Lugol’s daily for two and a half years now.
I’m actually the first person I ever recommended this ‘stuff’ to 🙂

During this time I’ve taken anywhere between 2—8 drops daily — that’s between 12mg—48mg daily. (And, that’s 80—320x the current WHO established guidelines.)

Note: Taking 4 drops daily seems to be my ‘sweet spot’.

Within 2—3 weeks of taking high dose iodine I noticed my gait (balance) had improved, my weight was more manageable, that I felt rested when I woke in the morning — and that my energy was consistent throughout the day (and I’m talking from 5—6 am to 9pm).

However, it wasn’t until I’d been on Lugol’s for many weeks, that I ‘suddenly’ discovered that I no longer suffered from debilitating neck & eye pain, and that my frequent headaches & migraines had magically disappeared. And not only that, but that I was no longer ‘hating on’ DMF for approx. 1/3 of the year due to (both him and I) suffering from terrible PMS! Previously I could not shift the ‘black cloud’ that descended upon me at that time of the month. (High dose iodine also helped to significantly reduce my sore boobs premenstrually.)

I’ll admit, I totally did that thing where you get amnesia… once your health concerns ‘go away’. The only reason I ‘suddenly’ discovered all the amazing health benefits of high-dose iodine was because I decided to wean myself off my Lugol’s — thinking that because I also eat a lot of seafood (on most days I’ll eat it 1—3x daily) that I must have repleted by my stores in this mineral. From there, it only took 2—3 weeks for my previous symptoms to return…

To me, this was as good a test as any! Needless to say, I put myself straight back on the stuff. As it turns out, I simply can’t function effectively without my Lugol’s.

Note: There was a time, where I thought I had taken too much iodine… However the problem was that I had gone cold-turkey on my four shots of daily coffee because I was going through a particularly busy & stressful time and decided that caffeine was not actually helping me. (I’m very sensitive to caffeine.) And, the resulting anxiety and heart racing turned out to be a mixture of detoxing and the iodine no longer being blocked by my caffeine intake… I simply reduced my dosage and the symptoms abated.

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Close-up of Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon who believes our whole body needs iodine for health

I'm going to make an example of myself, here.

These are my recent Thyroid function tests (25/6/2018)

TSH (0.30-4.00)

Free T4 (10.0-20.0)

Free T3 (3.0-6.5)

Thyroperoxidase Antibodies (<60)

I got these ‘Thyroid’ blood-tests done for the purpose of this blog-post — and also because I was going to check my iron levels (because I knew they were going to be low — but I wanted to know just how low).

You will note, from this blood-work, that even though I have been taking high dose iodine for a long period of time, that it has not adversely affected my Thyroid function (the T4 & T3).
(My blood-work is within range albeit they are low-normal.)

Yes, my Pituitary Gland (the TSH) may be communicating a little louder to my Thyroid than ‘normal’. However, I have also been working very long hours for a number of consecutive weeks. Stress inhibits the production of Thyroid hormones, so my Pituitary Gland will simply be giving it a little nudge along. It’s quite understandable.

I also currently have iron-deficiency anaemia (for reasons that I won’t go into in this blog-post):
Ferritin (20-380)

Iron is also important for correct Thyroid function2.

My interpretation of these results:
I need to focus on reducing my stress levels and improving my iron levels via supplementation.

Taking daily high dose iodine for the last 2.5 years has not  ‘given me’:
Hashimoto’s Disease
(the Thyroperoxidase antibodies above), OR
Grave’s Disease.

I am well aware that everyone is different.
However, these results show you that iodine does not cause issues in every body.

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Lisa has been involved in the Natural Health industry for 16 years. She draws on her professional training and experience, as well as her own personal experience to bring you realistic, holistic health advice.

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