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It's a blog about healthSo, said Lisa.

Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon looking at the cloud installation at Covent Garden pondering her blog about health

In the words of the late great Michael Jackson:
'Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday, Lisa'.

My blog about health recently celebrated another birthday. LISA SAID SO is now two years old!

I thought it was as good a time as any to have a look over everything I’ve said. So…

Yeah, that's what I said. So whatcha going to do about it?

I think a lot about what I write before I publish this blog — a lot! Anyone can report on (or simply repeat) health information — but I believe that as a Naturopath, it is my role to evaluate it for you. To this end, I’ve brought you a wide range of blog-posts based on my approach to natural health. (I’ve broadly categorised these for you below.)

Have you read all of these yet?

Have you implemented any of my advice into your lifestyle? (If not, maybe a re-read is in order!)

Have you commented on these posts to let me know that I’m not talking to myself?

Are there any blog-posts that you think would be relevant for your friends or family? If so, please share these with them.

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01—Says who?

I don’t simply go along with something just because we’ve always done it a certain way, or just because it’s new and everyone’s doing it. I prefer to make my own decisions based on my background knowledge, my professional experience and by researching the topic (as well as related topics). I then report back to my clients + readers:

Kombucha or Conbucha?
Flat tack. Flat white. Flatlining. (Why drinking coffee can back-fire on you)
The whole acid + alkaline thing
Do we really need dairy to get calcium in our diets?
Achy breaky bits
Walk this way
Half baked baking notions
Carb Confusion
Candida albicans
Slip slidin’ away? (Why having a healthy sex drive is indicative of your good health)
Little Bird Unbakery

02—Settle, Petals.

I’ve ‘talked you through’ food trends:
Kale, apple cider vinegar (ACV), coconut oil, coconut water, green smoothies (part one), green smoothies (part two) and chia seeds.

03—Keep it simple, Sweeties!

I’m not into over-complicated or rigid health concepts. I like to keep things pretty basic + inexpensive, and thus relatively easy to achieve on a regular basis:

Less is more
Super Smoothie
Daily Fundamentals
Lisa’s Faux Fasts
The Adult Treat System
A simple whole food diet
Why? Eat healthy!

04—Food. Inglorious food.

I’ve shared with you what I know about food intolerance: How to manage food intolerances, Food. Inglorious foodThe Two-fold Effect, and The Mane Attraction

05—Hey, look at this!

I’ve drawn your attention to areas of health that I think you should be paying attention to:

Herbal Medicine
A lament to Echinacea
Garlic + Slippery Elm

Mineral therapy
Our most abundant mineral – calcium
Surprising uses for calcium

Natural health
It time to get things started (How to work in with your Naturopath for the best results)
Nature & Health Magazine

Food + drink
Protein Pasta
Broccoli Sprouts
Iceberg Lettuce
Moana Park – wine
Leftovers for breakfast
Snacking on Little Bird Granola

06—Hormonal Hell

I brought you a three-part hormonal series, ‘Hormonal havoc — weight loss hell’:
Oestrogen + Progesterone
Cortisol + DHEA
Thyroxine ( The Thyroid hormone)

I’ve inspired some, and upset others on occasion with my views in: You will be weighed & measured (I advocate weighing yourself daily — if you have a weight issue.)
The Pill (I took a stand against this medication for long-term use.)

And more recently, I’ve let you know about the new service I’m about to offer:  The Thyroflex. It’s an accurate way to measure mild to moderate thyroid dysfunction .

07—You beauty!

I’ve taken you through the way I choose beauty products, and I’ve told you about two of my favourite beauty brands (Living Nature + Antipodes)

08—Heal the world

And finally, I LOVE to make you smile, to change the world, and to get you healthy — all at once if possible!

Diva Cup – part one
Diva Cup – part two
What a load of Poo!
Living Nature
Smoking is stoopid

Your top 5 LSS blog-posts from the last year! (In descending order).

Kombucha or Conbucha?
Green Smoothies Part –01 (still!)
Chia seeds (still!)
Achy breaky bits

How a lot of people stumble across LISA SAID SO

If I didn’t know people had ‘issues’ with Smoothies + Chia seeds before I started writing my blog — then I would now! These are just some of the searches people are using to find help with their health concerns.

Smoothie issues
— Kale Shake Farts
— Smoothies flatulence
— Smoothies that don’t cause any flatulence
— Smoothies/Green Smoothies give me diarrhoea
— Feeling sick after green smoothie

— Do chia seeds cause intestinal pain
— Chia seeds in stool
— Do chia seeds constipate you
— Can chia seeds cause intestinal blockage

This really interests me
People are asking Google to confirm what their body’s are already telling them. I certainly hope they don’t listen to any conflicting information, and therefore continue to consume something that obviously disagrees with them.

I don't like to overwhelm you (or me!) by putting out too many blog-posts. On average, I aim for a new one every 10—14 days.


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