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Cathedral Cove Naturals

A truly wholesome beginning

I first heard of Cathedral Cove Naturals some years ago, when it used to go by the name of Cathedral Cove Macadamias. Two very nice young men (brothers) used to run the operational side of the business for their parents. They would deliver the product to stores themselves and would also host in-store ‘tastings’. One of the brothers even provided me with a piping hot, incredibly tasty morsel of fish, which had been lovingly coated + cooked in their delicious Dukkah Spice Mix (at a health food expo).

On another occasion, the other brother gave me my first ever dark chocolate macadamia (I’d actually not even had a plain macadamia up until that point!) I shall always have fond memories of these boys, as I’m very partial to people who feed me…

The foundation that this company built itself on appeals to my ‘orrh-dometer’. They started out as a small, enthusiastic, family-run business, operating from a biodynamic orchard in Cathedral Cove (on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand).

For them it was all about the macadamias.

A display of two cereals that contain macadamia nuts and a bottle of macadamia oil

Meanwhile, back on the Macadamia farm...

Since establishing my original ‘warm fuzzies’ with the boys, the company has diversified. The company is now called: Cathedral Cove Naturals.

Instead of being solely macadamia focused, they now include such things as amaranth, buckwheat, cacao nibs, chia sees, coconut, and goji berries in their offerings. They also push coconut yoghurt… like so many other companies before them.

Note: Is it just me, or is it strange that some of their products are now ‘nut-free’?

In this blog-post, I’ll just focus on their products that have the macadamia as the hero ingredient. Except for one product that is.  And that’s simply because it tastes yummy and because I can be incredibly shallow at times — given the right set of circumstances (tasty ingredients in this case!)

Mad love for Macadamias

My goodness gracious, I do love macadamias. (I think I used to be a rich person in a former life…)  And in addition to their dark chocolate coated macadamias, I completely adore these two products:

  1. Macadamia oil

    It’s cold-pressed. It’s extra virgin. It’s delicious1.
    (It tastes better than butter!)

    It’s super versatile because of its high smoke point (212ºC), its taste + its texture.

    You can use it for:
    Panfrying + stirfrying

    Roasting + Baking

    Dipping + Salad dressings + Garnishing

    But my favourite use for this oil is for my (ace) partner to panfry Banana + Buckwheat pancakes with it! It’s ridiculously delicious. (We also drizzle these babies in pure organic Maple Syrup.)

  2. Macadamia crumb mixes.

    The Dukkah Spice Mix + The Lemon Crumb Mix2.

    These mixes contain a combo of locally (Coromandel) grown crushed macadamias with a bunch of aromatic spices. Pair them with some macadamia oil and you’ve got yourself a taste sensation! You can coat veggies + tofu + fish + seafood + poultry + other meats.

    Note: I also love these mixes because they focus on enhancing savoury foods. Everyone seems a little obsessed with sweet stuff now-days! They think they can consume anything they want because it doesn’t contain ‘refined sugar’.

Naturopath Lisa Fitzgibbon is about to pour maple syrup onto pancakes cooked in macadamia oil
My love made me Banana + Buckwheat pancakes for breakfast - for my recent birthday! How ace is he? Very. (It was a trick question.) x

My one non-macadamia concession is Cathedral Cove Naturals: Raw Activated Super Cereal

If you’ve read more than one of my blog-posts, you’ll know that I get super-sick of the term super being tagged to the front of every whole food.

So, it was much to my surprise that I bought into (or simply bought) this particular cereal. I actually think it was the raspberries that this product contains that took me over the edge. (I do love me some raspberries!) I also like the fact that compared to Clean Paleo cereals, I was going to be getting 50g more cereal for a cheaper price!3

This cereal is super yummy and isn’t at all like eating a pile of budgie food! Mix in chunks of banana + some non-dairy milk and it’s very tasty indeed. (Heck — even without the narnie it’s still darn tasty.)

However! As I’ve stated in other blog-posts (Snacking on Little Bird Grawnola, and Kombucha or CONbucha?) always check the label to see how much of the product constitutes a serving size. The label on this product suggests that there are eight ‘breakfasts’ in the packet. I would argue that there are actually eight ‘snacks’ (based on protein levels).

Wanna win some Cathedral Coves Naturals?

I’ve got three packs of Cathedral Cove Naturals to giveaway to three lucky people! Each contain:
Macadamia oil (250ml)
Macadamia crumb mix 
Raw Activated Super Cereal
(RRP: $35.50)

For your chance to WIN, simply comment below that you’re keen to sample these spoils. And let me know which of the mixes you’d like to try: The Dukkah Spice Mix OR The Lemon Crumb Mix 🙂

The winners will be drawn Friday 12 August  + will be announced here, and on my Facebook page: OOMPH + LISA SAID SO .

Good luck to you! x

Note: This competition is only open to my NZ readers, sorry all you non-Kiwis!

Lisa says:

Don't get too carried away with the heat when you're cooking with Macadamia products

You don’t want to destroy the health-giving properties of this nut’s oil + protein (and other nutrients). You also don’t want to change the awesome taste profile of the macadamia either.

Note: While I’m at it, don’t go too crazy using oils or fats in general. Obviously there is no such thing as ‘straight’ oil or fat in nature – it’s supposed to come nicely packaged in an olive, a nut, a seed, a fish, or an avocado. Yes, I’m being a bit pedantic… but then again, it is MY blog 🙂

Include Macadamias in your diet

I’m yet to find anyone who suffers from a macadamia food intolerance. This is because people seldom eat this type of nut in excess — probably due to its expense! I therefore propose that you include 2—3 servings of macadamias into your weekly diet (say, twice per month). This way, it will not be too expensive, and you will also not develop an intolerance to them. Additionally, this means that you will naturally restrict the use of other nuts in your diet (almonds + peanuts). Therefore reducing your chances of forming an intolerance to these nuts as well.

Note: Many of my clients are intolerant to almonds because they not only eat them overtly, but they also have them in LSA (Linseed, sunflower + almond meal), and via almond milk.


Because of the expense, I would just recommend that you rotate 1—2 of Cathedral Cove Naturals cereals into your monthly breakfast regime.

Note: Instead of using this products as an actual cereal, you could use the Raw Activated Super Cereal as a snack, or as a topping on yoghurt or dessert, or as a base for muesli bars + cookies!

In a nutshell — macadamias contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, fat + fibre!

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