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My favourite things


These are a few of my favourite thingsNature & Health Magazine

I love this magazine!

This magazine isn't flashy, fluffy, fickle, flippant or faddy!

I really love this magazine (and no, I’m not being paid to say so)! I’ve been a fan since 2003 — since before I started studying Naturopathy. I have around 55 copies on file.

I find N&H a well considered, interesting and intelligent read. The articles are referenced, and in most cases are written by practicing health professionals.

It’s just like any other lifestyle magazine… Except it’s not gossipy… or shallow… and the articles are relevant… and important.

N&H doesn't go silly discussing fad diets, fad exercises, fad detoxes or fad super-foods

They know which side their bread is buttered on

To sell magazines to women you have to include a certain amount of ‘essential’ reading. Any women’s magazine ‘worth its weight’ will contain the following subjects:

Weight loss

(with a heavy focus on anti-aging)

Hormonal advice


The Details

Established : 1979
Frequency of publication: Bi-monthly
Cost of magazine:  NZ$8.20
Get a copy from: Mag Nation, Whitcoulls, Paper Plus, or via subscription

Extra! Extra! Read all about it

N&H brought the following women’s health issues to its readers attention years ago:

August/September 2003
Breast Cancer and The Pill — What your doctor won’t tell you

February/March 2006
The Problem with Mammograms — Should you have one?

August/September 2007
The Pill — How safe is the world’s most widely used drug?

February/March 2008
The HPV vaccine — What your doctor won’t tell you.

Note: This vaccine supposedly protects you from cervical cancer

What we thought were relatively recent health/fitness related discoveries, N&H have known about for years:

August/September 2004
Bikram Yoga

August/September 2005
Chocolate — new health benefits!

February/March 2006
Coconut oil’s comeback

Australia's original & best natural health magazine

Flicking back over the last decade

It’s always interesting to look back through the media to see what we were focused on at specific points in time. And it was particularly fascinating to scan back through my collected copies of N&H.  The majority of these articles are written by practicing health professionals, so you would expect this magazine to reflect what they were seeing at the time…

Before 2007 we were more-or-less focused on:


‘alternative health’
(chakra dancing, Tibetan healing, and astrological aromatherapy)


hormonal concerns

However since 2007/2008 (around the time of the financial crisis), we have been noticeably focused on:

increasing energy, and reducing stress & anxiety

Reducing pain & tension
(headaches, migraines & Fibromyalgia)

poor immunity/auto-immunity/allergies & food intolerance

infertility toxicity issues/chemical sensitivities

going green & Going drug free

Some things never change

It’s sad to see that throughout the last decade,  women are still suffering from a core batch of health concerns:

Poor breast health  (Specifically cancer)

Bone &  joint issues

Hair loss

Thyroid concerns

Want to read more about some of my favourite
health things?

You can choose from a variety of blog-posts here – just click the link!

I believe this magazine tells it like it is. I'm so surprised that more people aren't aware of this fabulous publication!

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